Why A Skin Care Regime Matters

Why A Skin Care Regime Matters

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I’ve always been a skin care junkie. Right from about the age of 16 – when I realised blackheads are not just ugly but lead to unsightly and long-lasting open pores. I discovered that by implementing a regular skin care regime, I could take back control of the condition of my skin. It not only made me feel better about myself, it helped me make the very best use of cosmetics.

Teens and Twenties

In the early days, I concentrated on products that would treat the T zone. With combination skin, I suffered from both oily and dry patches. I needed products that would balance my skin, tighten pores and keep everything hydrated. But, like many young women, I still committed the occasional cardinal sin – like failing to remove my make-up before going to bed.

As I matured, I changed my regime to include anti-ageing creams and serums. I started with low-cost over-the-counter brands before experimenting with more high-end alternatives. I have tried everything from Elemis and Clarins to Filorga and Gatinaeu.

The eyes became the focus of my efforts around ten years ago, when I hit 45. I started with soothing, vitamin-packed creams.

Forties and Fifties

The eyes became the focus of my efforts around ten years ago, when I hit 45. I started with soothing, vitamin-packed creams. Now that I am 55, I supplement my regime with instant eye tuck treatments, two of which I have featured in another blog post.

Currently undergoing treatment for stage 3 breast cancer, skin care has never been so important to me. Chemotherapy, which I finished in September, has left me with very little hair – so having a radiant face is important. I have found that by choosing the right products, I can eliminate some of the side-effects of cancer treatments – such as very dry skin and new wrinkles.

By taking care of my face, I have been able to adapt my make-up preferences to suit brand-new looks, made possible thanks to wigs, hats and scarves.

Having been at home since February 2020, I have also had plenty of time to reflect on and review the products that have made the most difference to my looks.

One of the best tips I can offer anyone wanting to create a more youthful look is to rotate products. This way, your skin never has the chance to adapt to a product and find a way to defeat it!

Share your tips and product experiences with me. Simply send me an email. The best tips will be entered into a lucky dip and the randomly chosen winner will receive a skin care gift.

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