Unforgettable Weird Things Experts Have Said About Skin Care

Unforgettable Weird Things Experts Have Said About Skin Care

‘It doesn’t work, Love. Save your money…’

That’s not usually an expert talking. Only a man, who has never experienced the spiritual lift women get when they find a product that does wonders for their skin, would stoop to such a comment.

But partners keeping a close eye on the purse strings aren’t the only people to pooh-pooh the rejuvenating power of modern skin care products.

Scientists too have been known to wade in with unforgettable weird things to say. I can’t remember where I read it, but this little shocker has remained with me ever since.

‘Lying in the bath with Vaseline on your face can have the same effect as some anti-ageing face creams.’

What? You mean, petroleum jelly?

According to one scientist, yes. Of course, there are drawbacks associated with this little ‘tip’. Vaseline, while certainly safe and great for a multitude of skin issues, doesn’t smell too great. And, unlike a decent night cream, you have to go to the trouble of washing it off. All-in-all, a bit of a faff.

Having said that, here’s a scientist saying a dirt cheap product almost every woman has in a cupboard somewhere may be of use in an anti-ageing skin care routine. Could be worth a try the next time you are in between brands and short of dough.

Get in there! Vaseline Petroleum Jelly 100 ml (Pack of 3), £5.40

The Foundation of Skin Care

How about this pearl of wisdom?

‘Women who wear foundation age more slowly because of the ingredients.’

Believe it or not, a Clarins rep imparted this. And, it may sound ‘weird’ but it is true.

Ingredients used in foundations these days routinely include collagen-boosting properties, long-lasting moisturisers and even sun protection. Just remember to thoroughly remove all make-up at the end of the day – or it could block pores.

Here’s a great example from top brand L’Oreal. This foundation is hydrating, has a weightless feel and is transfer-proof. While delivering full coverage, it has an SPF of 25 with the added benefit of being manufactured with ‘oxygen technology’.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24hr Freshwear Liquid Foundation, £7.99

Mum’s The Word

Let’s give mums credit where credit is due – they are ‘experts’ on practically everything. Here’s one my mum never tired of saying…

‘Eyeliner ages you.’

It may sound weird, but this is also true – bit of a shocker because I’m a fan. Using dark eyeliner under the eye is a real no-no, according to top beauty experts the world over. It makes your eyes look smaller. You may want to experiment with light shades of blue or green, or only use dark eyeliner on the upper lid.

There is another drawback with dark eyeliners – they can be notoriously difficult to remove. Smeared, smudged kohl, for example, can end up half-way down your face. This can be a real problem if you have large pores.

Neutrogena have a great remedy – Clear and Defend. It uses technology that works with your skin to keep it blemish-free. It has been clinically proven not to strip the face of essential nutrients too and is suitable for use on sensitive skin.

Neutrogena Clear and Defend Facial Wash, 200 ml

Is Your Skin Screaming Out For Sunscreen?

I like this one…

‘A good sunscreen is better than a day cream.’

That could be true, if your day cream offers little or no protection from the sun’s damaging rays. While many women wear both sunscreen and day cream, the latter may not be as essential as you think.

UK dermatologist Dr Andrew Birnie has developed a sunscreen that feels like a moisturiser. It quickly absorbs into the skin and, unlike some sun creams, it is non-sticky. It’s fragrance-free and water resistant too.

Using a highly advanced UB filter, Tinosorb A2B, it has an Ultra UVA rating.

The product is manufactured under the Altrust brand, which supports people with albinism in Africa.

ALTRUIST Dermatologist Sunscreen SPF 30 – Superior 5-star UVA Protection by Dr Andrew Birnie, £17.55

That’s enough weird things for one day – unless you’ve got anything you’d like to add…

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