Top Picks: Instant Eye Lift Serums

Top Picks: Instant Eye Lift Serums

Looking to lift the look of your eyes instantly? If fine lines, bags and puffiness add years to your face, you can turn back the clock in just seconds with our top picks on instant eye lift serums.

We have tried out two of the best-selling eye tuck products to give you a realistic idea of what you can achieve without having to commit to cosmetic surgery.

Whether you want to use a product every day or just for special occasions, you really can look years younger with these affordable options.

My Perfect Eyes

My Perfect Eyes

Developed by a skin care entrepreneur, My Perfect Eyes is a miracle in a bottle. Competitively priced, it out-performs some more expensive options and can be delivered right to your door.

Simply use the wand to dab a tiny amount of product under the eyes and following the application instructions.

You will feel a tightening sensation as the product dries and flattens wrinkles and fine lines. If you can, avoid making facial expressions or talking during this process.

Getting the right amount of product on the delicate skin around the eyes is important. If you use too much, this serum with leave white tell-tale signs.

Once you have achieved the desired result, you can use non-oil based make-up such as mineral powders and even foundation.We found this product worked well and lasted for many hours.

Intrigued? Watch the video on our product page!

Beverly Hills Eye Tuck

Beverly Hills Eye Tuck

This product takes just 90 seconds to give you a younger looking face. It is packed with clinically proven ingredients, including peptides. It can be used under make-up and is one of the lowest-priced instant eye tuck products on the market in the UK.

It is sold as a stand-alone product as well as in Beverly Hills’ super-affordable gift sets.

As well as eliminating fine lines, this serum banishes dark circles and puffiness. We recommend the eye tuck if you have noticeable bags under your eyes or want to soften crows’ feet.

The application process is similar to My Perfect Eyes.

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