There’s A Great Reason Why This Clinique Product Is In Demand

There’s A Great Reason Why This Clinique Product Is In Demand

If there is one thing skincare devotees have learned during a year of lockdowns it is that Clinique products are in demand. In fact, with department stores up and down the country closed for months on end, online retailers have struggled to keep up. ‘Out of stock’ is a phrase the beauty-conscious are now all too familiar with.

Clinique has broken new ground during the pandemic, taking not inexpensive products and making them appeal to women of all ages. The premium brand has set a trend with younger consumers – a real achievement.  

The pull towards Clinique has been propelled by a strong, performance-driven product range, including its Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel. We purchased the day cream, also sold in a lotion format, as part of a bundle. 

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel

This moisturiser is formulated to be intensely hydrating. It balances moisture levels in the skin to ensure it receives the right amount over a long period of time. Rich and creamy, yet easily absorbed, it protects the skin while treating it. Recommended for those with dry to very dry skin, it smooths and provides a barrier that delivers all-day moisture. As well as aiding an anti-ageing skincare regimen, this product will give the skin more elasticity.

While the visible benefits can be culminative, this moisturiser is also manufactured to calm and relax the user. 

Developed by dermatological experts, the gel is intended to make the skin more resilient and less susceptible to the signs of ageing. It is generally sold in a 125ml bottle, which will set you back around £25, but is also available in smaller tubes when purchased as part of a £20 kit. 

Clinique trial kit
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The most obvious ‘different’ thing about Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel is that it is yellow. In fact, bright yellow. More obvious, when you use the product, is that, although rich, it is light on the skin. It has a serum-type sheen until it is fully absorbed but is still capable of delivering a natural-looking glow. It is perfect under a mineral powder foundation and a good choice if you are planning a trip outdoors.

We found this moisturiser performed well in cold weather. Equally, it provided day-long hydration indoors with the central heating on a high setting. It was also great to use a premium skincare product that did not rely on an overpowering signature scent to justify the price. In fact, this moisturiser doesn’t really smell of anything.


  • Delivers long-lasting and balanced moisture to the skin
  • Protects against the elements and other environmental concerns
  • Good for troublesome dry skin
  • Improves the skin’s condition
  • Easy to apply
  • Instant and culminative benefits
  • Virtually fragrance-free
  • Developed by skincare experts


  • Most day creams are cheaper
  • Not available everywhere
  • Sells out quickly online

When you look a the cost of an Elemis or Clarins moisturiser, you will understand that the price tag for this high-performance gel is very reasonable. It is certainly different. Whether or not it will make a ‘dramatic’ difference to the skin, only time will tell…

The brand Clinique is owned by Clinique Laboratories, a skincare and cosmetic products manufacturer based in the United States. A subsidiary of Estée Lauder Companies, it has a huge range – developed to deliver solutions for specific skin concerns. Prior to the pandemic, its products were mostly sold in department stores. 

On trend right now is Clinique’s Moisture Surge Intense range. 

Today’s note to readers: One my most enduring memories of January was reporting on the shortage of Clinique products available to buy online. I was thrilled to finally get my hands on a haul of goodies from this trending brand.

I am afraid, I have been slow to update the website over the past week to 10 days. This is because I have been decorating. It started with a spill in the kitchen, which led to repainting, new cupboard doors and a new cooker hood. Once that was finished, it made the rest of the ground floor of my home look really outdated. So, it’s been a big job!

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