Spotlight On Anti-Ageing CBD And Hemp Oil Skin Care

Spotlight On Anti-Ageing CBD And Hemp Oil Skin Care

CBD and hemp oil products are next on my list to test. I have heard encouraging things from friends and former colleagues who have tried either face creams or oils.

I am sure there are people who are reluctant to try products formulated from derivatives of the cannabis plant – simply because of the word ‘cannabis’. What I want to say from the off is that none of the skin care products on the market in the UK will get you high! They don’t contain the mood-altering THC compound, which is illegal.

Navigating your way around these products can be complicated. Although both are said to be highly beneficial for ageing skin, there are differences in the cannabidiol content in CBD and hemp seed oil products. The former is packed with the ingredient while the latter may only contain very small amounts.  

What’s So Great About CBD Oil?

CBD oils and creams are recommended for maturing skin because they are antioxidants. They are anti-inflammatory too, and are said to be effective in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. People I have spoken to, who are devotees, say CBD evens the skin tone and smooths very dry skin. 

Because it has calming properties, it is safe for sensitive skin and is also used as a topical treatment for acne and other conditions. 

This oil is considered balancing, so it’s suitable for those with dry, oily and combination skin. Before purchasing a skin care product that purports to contain CBD oil, check that the list of ingredients states cannabidiol.

Hemp Seed Oil In Skin Care

Hemp seed oil skin care products are often much cheaper than their CBD counterparts. That doesn’t mean to say they don’t have major benefits. Hemp oil is considered an excellent moisturiser and is also a powerful antioxidant.

Some people believe it has antiseptic properties, but it is definitely a recognised anti-inflammatory when applied to the skin. It should be used – just a few drops – after you have moisturised. This is a marked difference to how serums are applied – before the moisturiser. 

Final Word

Both products are considered safe for use on the face. However, if you have sensitive skin, you may wish to do a patch test 24 hours before you intend to start using a new cream or oil.

Here are some examples of the products available in the UK. I searched the web and chose those with good reviews. Click an image for further information.


Victoria Beauty Intensive Cream with Organic Hemp Oil 50ml, £8.39
Luba Natural Cosmetic Hemp Oil with Handy Dropper, Cold-Pressed in the EU, £9.95 
Hemp Eye Cream, Intensive Hydrating Eye Cream, 2020 Best Anti Aging Eye Gel to Reduce Dark Circles, Puffiness, Wrinkles, £14.99
KLORIS CBD Superboost Face Oil, 10 ml, £29.94
This Works Evening Detox CBD Booster + AHA Complex 30ml, £30.40
Vitality CBD Infused Anti-ageing Cream, 300mg cannabidiol, 50ml – £33.46

*All prices correct at the time of publishing.

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