Shop For Christmas Gift Deals Now

Shop For Christmas Gift Deals Now

You may be dusting down your beach towel and topping up a fake tan ready for summer but now is a great time to snap up Christmas gifts at bargain prices.

If you are savvy, you can save yourself a pile of money – not to mention tons of stress.

According to the Bank of England, Brits spend on average an extra £740 in the month of December. That’s almost 30 per cent more than a typical month. Surprisingly, expert analysis has found that only a small proportion of this goes on food and drink – indicating a last-minute rush to finish the Christmas shopping.

So, if you don’t want to leave yourself short next January, now really is a good time to start buying presents. This is especially the case for adult recipients, whose tastes and interests are unlikely to change between now and December 25.

How To Budget For Christmas

The best way to shop for Christmas presents is gradually, spreading the cost over four or five months. Buying gifts for older people, especially those who can be hard to please or seem to already have everything they need, can ease the pressure at a traditionally fraught time.

Budget depending on the number of people you need to buy a Christmas gift for. Decide how much you want to spend on each person and then allocate a set month to buy each of the presents. Aim to buy at least two or three a month. Get aunties, uncles and friends ticked off the list first and always leave children’s gifts to nearer the time – because they are harder to please and have ever-changing interests.

If you are stumped for gift ideas, go for items that are both practical and appealing.

Never use credit to buy gifts. The number of people falling into debt because of festive spending is growing. As well leaving a trail of financial woes, these debts are known causes of relationship breakdown and depression.

Be aware that prices go up when demand increases, so expect to pay more nearer Christmas.

Our 2021 Early Christmas Gift Guide

We’ve put together this budget-friendly gift guide to help you source great stocking fillers and main presents at bargain prices. All the items featured below are available for home delivery and have been chosen based on customer reviews and overall value. Only you will know you haven’t spent a fortune on Christmas this year.

Just remember to store gifts safely and invest in some great wrapping paper!

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Christmas Wrapping

Save time and wrap as you go! There is nothing worse than having to face a pile of presents that still need wrapping on Christmas Eve.

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