Shine On: The Best Liquid Highlighters Of 2021

Shine On: The Best Liquid Highlighters Of 2021

Highlighters are on trend – and we can literally see why. They give even the dullest skin a healthy glow. It’s why celebrities have been using them for years.

Want to put the spotlight on your face? Here’s a feature that will brighten your day…

Complementing a skin care regime with a highlighter can have a dramatic effect. If, like us, you have experimented with a range of options, liquid highlighters will no doubt have impressed. We have tested the Barry M Liquid Chrome highlighter against loose pearls, as well as baked and pressed alternatives. It outperformed them all – hands down!

But that’s not the only liquid brand to be making waves with skin care fans. If you want to put a shine on your cheeks, check out our Best Liquid Highlighters of 2021.

Get An Instant Healthy Glow

Easier to use than powdered brands, these fluids work best applied very sparingly. You can target applications to the exact spot, too – something very hard to achieve with loose pearls and a make-up brush. Just remember, a small amount goes a long way so less is definitely more. 

Manufactured to reflect light and really brighten the skin, these products are perfect if you want to give your face a truly sculpted look.

Go for a really intense glow that brings out your best features. Have a butchers at our hand-picked shining stars.

Top liquid brands for 2021. Click images for further information and stockists.

Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops, Beam Me Up – £4.65


Max Factor liquid highlighter
Max Factor Max Factor Miracle Glow Universal Highlighter – £7.95


Born to Glow liquid highlighter
NYX Professional Makeup Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator – £7.99


Borjois bronze highlighter
2 pack – Bourjois Sculpt Bronze Highlighter and Bronzer Universal Shade Clear, 15ml – £8.99


Halo glow liquid highlighter
Almost sold out. WET N WILD MegaGlo Hello Halo Liquid Highlighter – £4.96


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  1. Tracey Aird
    | Reply

    Highlighters are amazing if you find the right one for your skin toneBut apply in natural light as you dont want to look like a xmas bauble

  2. charmaine spillane
    | Reply

    Highlighters are a must this season/ funny enough it’s a done thing and I’ve been using a highlighter since lockdown as frankly bored and saw a beautiful Turkish girl at work with highlighted cheekbones and she recommended regime skin : gives me confidence and I’m sure there’s a eeen eyed monster at work lol 💋

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