Serum Shock For Thousands Of Women Who Make This Simple Mistake

Serum Shock For Thousands Of Women Who Make This Simple Mistake

It may have cost a packet and feel like heaven when applied to the face, but your new ‘wonder’ serum could be under-performing – or not performing at all – if you’re making the same mistake as thousands of other women.

In fact, you could be wasting a small fortune every year.

The truth is, skin serums work best if applied in a certain way. And we’re not talking about how you massage them into the skin.

For optimal results, serums should be applied as part of a routine that follows a strict pecking order.

Never Follow A Skin Care Routine?

We conducted a poll*, asking women about their skin care habits.

Of those who responded, 16.7 per cent said they never follow a routine. The same number of respondents said they ‘sometimes’ do.

More than 66 per cent claimed to follow a routine religiously. But, even these women could be partly wasting their time – and money – because it is not what you do, it is the order in which you do it. (Not wishing to sound too much like a Bananarama song!)

Clarins Complete Age Control Double Serum, £78

The Right Way To Apply Face Serum

Here’s the correct way to apply serum:

  • First cleanse and dry the face
  • When your skin is dry, use a toner (it does not have to be the same brand as the cleanser). Gently rub over the face and neck using a soft cotton pad
  • While the face is still slightly damp, APPLY THE SERUM
  • Give the serum a chance to deeply penetrate the skin. Wait five to ten minutes to ensure it is fully absorbed before finishing your routine…
  • Lock in the benefits of the serum by applying a moisturiser over the top

And there you have it… Serums work best if they are ‘sealed’ with a good day or night cream. We recommend using a serum before bed for best results.

Some affordable suggestions, if you are looking to try a new serum.

PurOrganica Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum, £12.95
Vitamin C Serum Plus, £12.99

All prices correct at the time of publishing.

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** Twitter, January 2021

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