Say ‘No More!’ To Hideous Open Pores

Say ‘No More!’ To Hideous Open Pores

The light beige foundation – a new, expensive one – glided on like velvet. I gently swirled a brush loaded with mineral powder over the top, applied a smattering of clear gloss to my lips and blinked my way through four coats of mascara.

There, you look gorgeous, I told myself. I headed off to an important meeting feeling like the bees knees. It was only when I went to powder my nose half-way through the business lunch that reality cruelly hit home. In a brightly-lit ladies’ room, I saw; I caught a full, up-close and personal peek at what I really looked like. It wasn’t pretty.

If there is one thing that is guaranteed to put a downer on your looks it is open pores. In my case, the foundation I thought looked as smooth as glass had accumulated around the outer edges of craters, accentuating them. I was mortified and resolved, there and then, to do everything in science’s power to eradicate the blighters.

The Anatomy of an Open Pore

Open pores can affect women of all ages, with any skin type, but most often in adolescence and then later in life. A small comfort is that all pores are ‘open’ (something worth noting the next time you are tempted to buy a product that claims to ‘open pores’). Some are just bigger than others. Typically, the most obvious ones are on the face and especially in the T-zone – the forehead, nose and chin.

They are often noticeable not because they are open but because they are clogged with make-up, dead skin, grime and other impurities. So keeping skin meticulously clean is the key to achieving the appearance of ‘closed’ pores.

As we all know, that is easier said than done! But, it is a necessity – if we want to improve the overall condition of the skin and boost its cosmetic appearance.

A bit of biology: Pores on the face have more sebaceous glands than many other areas of the body. The glands, stimulated by horrid hormones, act to produce sebum. That’s the root of this evil.

Products Proven to Clean Out Pores

Giving your pores a thorough clean is key to achieving a flawless complexion.

Experts recommend clay face masks and gentle exfoliators. They should be used regularly to have the best impact.

Face Masks

Try L’Oreal’s range of face masks. Each individual mask contains a potent blend of no less than three pure clays and its own unique, natural ingredient. As the mask dries on the skin, it draw out blackheads, impurities and dead skin cells. These products are available to buy separately or in a pack of three. Click on the image for more information.

The Simple brand Protect and Glow gift set includes a brightening clay mask and a muslin cloth. Truly Simple and effective! Click the image to learn more about this mask.

For an inexpensive treat and a choice of masks, we recommend this great face mask set from 7th Heaven – currently under a tenner! Click on the image for more product details.


Exfoliating soaps and salts are inexpensive and do the job. They last a long time too. Click on an image for further information about these suggested products.

exfoliating soap
body scrub

If you are looking for exfoliation in a daily wash, here’s a great offer from Neutrogena. Click the image to view this £3 deal!

exfoliating face wash

Use our tips and say ‘No more!’ to open pores!

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