REVIEW: Vasanti 4 Step Travel/Trial Skin Care Set

REVIEW: Vasanti 4 Step Travel/Trial Skin Care Set

Vasanti is a brand gaining a cult following in the UK after successfully getting trial-size products into subscription beauty boxes. A savvy move. Devotees fawn over its Brighten Up! Exfoliator, many saying no other product of its type comes close.

Women of all ages are being turned onto the Canadian company’s range of ‘clean’ beauty products, which also happen to be cruelty-free and fall into the ‘premium’ skin care category. Two decades after its launch, this is a business still going places. Its products are at least 95 per cent natural and include fuss-free cosmetics as well as an extensive skin care range.

Amazon has cornered much of the UK market, with Vasanti still edging its way onto the high street. We’ve been eyeing up the Vasanti 4 Step Travel Kit for months, spurred on by reviews for not just the exfoliator but its moisturiser and eye cream too. If you have ever been tempted yourself, keep reading…

What’s In The Box?

£11 travel/trial kit from Vasanti

Detox Nutrient-Rich Purifying Cleanser, 20ml. The full size version of this product is 150ml and will set you back £20. Vasanti says it removes makeup, impurities and pollutants to reveal natural radiance. This product is step 1 in the 4-step regime.

Brighten Up! Exfoliator, 0.42oz. Instant hydration that exfoliates and brightens at the same time – thanks to papaya enzymes, salon-standard micro-crystals and soothing aloe vera. Vasanti says it brightens the skin and leaves it glowing after a single use. The product is recommended for all skin types and targets signs of ageing, facial scarring and dullness. This is step 2 in the regime. This product can be bought separately – full size of 120g for £26 and a small size of 20g for £7.

Brighten Up! Amplifying Moisturiser, 6ml. Step 3 in the routine and a super light-weight day cream. Vasanti says it illuminates and refreshes the skin immediately while evening out the skin tone. The full-size product is 60ml and is priced at £26.

Eye Wonder 2.0, 3ml. The final step in the regime. The full-size version is 20ml and costs £30. Described as ‘super-powered’, this product was developed to fight a range of under-eye skin issues including puffiness, dark circles and thinning skin. Ingredients include a potent combination of vitamins, peptides and botanicals.

The complete, full-size version of this kit will currently set you back £100.

Our Vasanti Experience

Straight off, we have to tell you this travel kit is tiny. It was delivered in a cardboard envelope and the box will comfortably fit in the palm of a hand. You won’t have to worry about being out when it is delivered – it will fit through a letterbox with ease. The smallest product in the box is the eye cream and it is not much bigger than a little finger. Many reviewers have complained about the product sizes but fans of the brand eagerly point out a small amount goes a very long way. We decided to put this to the test.

All but the Detox Cleanser, which appears to have a slight scent, are fragrance-free – something we applaud. You can simply get on and use this range without worrying about irritants or overpowering smells. We used a pea-sized amount of the cleanser and enjoyed a foaming face wash that was gentle yet highly effective. It was easy to rinse off too, and left the skin feeling clean and refreshed. This product is recommended for daily use and, we estimate, the bottle in this travel pack will last at least a week if used very sparingly.

Were we blown away by the exfoliator? Yes! We used HALF a pea-sized amount and it covered the face well. The most immediate sensation was one of freshness. You could feel it resurfacing the skin, but in a very gentle way. The product washed off easily and left the skin feeling super-smooth. We recommend this product if you want to achieve a sheer surface for makeup or reduce the appearance of pot marks and uneven skin tone. Used twice a week, this small tube could last a month. You only need a tiny amount.

We found the amplifying moisturiser to have an almost serum quality. A small amount glided onto the skin and was readily absorbed. This is one of those products that leaves the face with a wax-like, youthful finish. It was deeply hydrating too. The skin was still soft and smooth the following day!

Because the eye cream is in an incredibly small tube, we used literally pin-prick amounts under the eye. It actually did the job. The skin felt instantly hydrated and more comfortable. This product has a plumping effect and does ‘wake up’ the eyes. We estimate this tube will last at least a week with daily use. Less is definitely more with this product range.

Final Verdict

The Vasanti 4 Step Travel Kit is an excellent introduction to a results-driven brand. It is perfect for short breaks of up to a week – you will enjoy top-notch skin care while using virtually no luggage space. As a trial kit, it ticks all the right boxes. Yes, it is very small. However, hats off to Vasanti, this set is affordable. For £11, you get to try four separate products, each offering great benefits.

Price-wise, Vasanti’s full-size products sit between Beverly Hills and Clinique. We rank the Brighten Up! Exfoliator as a great alternative to Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm.

The trial kit is available for next day delivery and, if you are an Amazon Prime customer, that delivery is free.

Also From Vasanti

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**All prices correct at the time of publishing but can be subject to change.

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