REVIEW: I Could Not Resist This Elizabeth Arden Gift Set

REVIEW: I Could Not Resist This Elizabeth Arden Gift Set

It was one of those products that caught my eye and stayed with me. I was drawn to it, I’m sure, by the striking red and black… and ceramide capsules.

I am the type of woman who will give anything a go in a bid to stay younger-looking, but the price tag for ceramide is often high. That is why I’ve always previously resisted the temptation.

This Elizabeth Arden Party Ready Holiday Collection ticked all the right boxes for me. It had not one but THREE different types of capsules to try, some decent make-up, professional application brushes and a gorgeous little case to keep it all in. I could not get it out of my mind.

I liked it so much, I decided to share it on Regime Skin Care’s Facebook page. It was also included in my round-up of Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Hence, I got to see this little bundle quite a lot – and it really appealed to me. More and more… 

In the end, the temptation became too much. It was overwhelming. I caved in on a whim. Just like that!

Oh, damn it! Why not? You have been in cancer treatment for a year – this is a little present to yourself.

That’s what I was telling myself – as I placed the order.

The gift set cost £65 and was promptly delivered the very next day. 


Elizabeth Arden gift set

What’s In The Box?

The collection arrived well-packaged – a box within a box. Inside the second, a branded Elizabeth Arden box, we found the following:

  • 30 Advanced Ceramide Capsules (Daily Youth Restoring Serum) in a click-shut pot. This is a full-size product
  • Retinol Ceramide Capsules (Line Erasing Night Serum) – small tube with a plug close
  • Eye Serum Capsules – smaller tube again with a plug close
  • Day Eyeshadow Palette with mirror
  • Night Eyeshadow Palette with mirror
  • Cheek Trio Palette with mirror
  • Sangria Lipstick
  • Mulberry Blush Lipstick
  • Two Make-up Brushes
  • Grand Entrance Mascara
  • Red Case

My first impression was Wow! As you can imagine, I could not wait to try the capsules!

Party Ready Holiday Collection By Elizabeth Arden

The first thing that struck me as I unwrapped each product from tissue was the quality. The palettes are all in solid, tastefully-branded cases with excellent mirrors. So often these days palettes are in toughened cardboard which can ‘scuff’ and get messy. The make-up is shimmery but not in an excessive way. On the range of colours, they are suitable for all tastes. Nothing too ‘way out’, but perfect for both work and play.

I am unlikely to use the red lipstick very often (maybe under a face mask, just for fun!) but love the Mulberry Blush one. The mascara is very good, as are the make-up brushes.

Now onto the ceramide capsules… I was a bit worried I’d spill serum during the process of twisting off the tops. However, they have clearly been designed to make that very unlikely. They are quite robust. The Daily Youth Restoring Serum was first up. It had the feel of a very rich skin oil. There was plenty in the capsule. I did not apply it in front of a mirror and I thought my face would look really oily and shiny, but it didn’t – I checked! After a minute or two, all the oil had been absorbed into the skin.

The Eye Serum was next. It had a light, silky texture and, again, there was plenty in the capsule to cover the entire area around both eyes. Afterwards, the skin felt hydrated and soothed.

Lastly, I used the Line Erasing Night Serum with Retinol. It came out of the capsule like a slightly-whipped jelly; an ultra smooth serum that feels luxurious and rich. This is my favourite ceramide product. It made me want to massage my face for a minute or two and relish the feeling. I’ve been forced by my first impression to look up the cost of the full-size product (60 capsules). It is over £58. Typical!

The case is, perhaps, the biggest surprise of this collection. Unlike many gift sets that just ‘throw in’ a cosmetic bag or similar for the sake of it, this one is really special. It is made from embossed sateen and is rock solid. A magnetic gold stud-clip keeps it shut and there is a designer carry handle on the top. 

Final Verdict

I’ve seen this collection available at varying prices on a number of platforms. I think I bagged a bargain at £65. The set is, in my opinion, worth the price. It includes a fabulous introduction to ceramide and a range of make-up products that will get daily use.

I have to add a few final words about the red case. It is luxurious and looks stunning on my dressing table. I will treasure it for the rest of my life.

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Note to readers: We recently shared information on our Facebook page about a deal we came across online – for a 5-piece Olay gift set. The product had 75 per cent 5-star reviews and an overall review score of 4.5. A reader pointed out the product had ‘bad reviews’. We don’t normally read individual reviews, because they are copyrighted and we would not want to be tempted to inadvertently repeat any. However, on this occasion, we disabled the link while we investigated. Recent reviews had alleged the products supplied were ‘out of date’ and potentially ‘counterfeit’. While, if that was the case, the products would not be eligible for sale in the UK, we immediately removed the deal. Better safe than sorry.

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  1. charmaine spillane
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    I used the line erasing night serum : as a Christmas gift: it’s so rich and smells gorgeous- I use it while doing my facial yoga as the serum is perfect for not dragging delicate skin while doing the techniques x

  2. Janette Stevens
    | Reply

    Would love this. Love arden products

  3. Sis
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    Lol amazing

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