REVIEW: Gold Regenesis Anti-Ageing Night Cream

REVIEW: Gold Regenesis Anti-Ageing Night Cream

“I’ve got you something really good for Christmas. It’s amazing – and expensive.”

She went out of her way to emphasise the words ‘really good’ and ‘expensive’.

That is how my daughter teased me in the run-up to the big day. She has a knack for being dramatic to build momentum.

She couldn’t help but let slip that she bought it from her best friend, so I figured it was perfume. Her ‘bestie’ is an award-winning rep for a rapidly-growing  brand.

I was wrong.

When I opened the box on December 25, I discovered Gold Regenesis Anti-Ageing Night Cream.

Gold Regenesis

What’s In The Box?

This expensive-looking cream is beautifully presented in a clear, gold and black jar. The gold part of the product holds the cream and is deceptively large. There’s plenty of product in it.

The cream is beige/rose gold in colour and contains bioavailable colloidal gold. 

Easy to apply, I have used it religiously every night since – always after the serum part of my skin care routine.

It has a medium consistency that is rich and silky. Quickly absorbed, it leaves the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. It also gives the skin a lovely, soft glow.

After more than a month’s use, I estimate there is enough cream left in the pot to take me through to at least the end of February. 

The manufacturer says the night cream is formulated especially to meet the needs of mature skin and to promote skin renewal during sleep.

Ingredients include: jojoba, argan, rose and coconut oils as well as a ceramide complex and the colloidal gold. It has antioxidant resveratrol and niacinamide which evens the skin tone and provides a degree of protection.

About Gold Regenesis Night Cream

This product, which usually retails for around £30, is part of a range of skin care products promoted by the multi-level marketing brand FM World. However, I have seen it in very limited quantities on Amazon. 

FM World markets its products directly to consumers, usually on social media platforms and through friendship networks. It was established in Poland 16 years ago and is now a recognised and respected brand around the world. It supports micro-enterprises and is, therefore, a popular business opportunity for those looking for work-from-home ideas.

What I would say about the Gold Regenesis range is that it needs exposure beyond micro businesses. It’s good – so good that I will be purchasing another jar of the night cream.

I haven’t got the time to faff about contacting someone on social media and waiting for their next order to go in. I want to be able to go online, order a product and get it the next day. And, I am sure, I am not alone. 

What concerns me about a really great product like this is that if it does not reach the widest possible, targeted audience – mature women! – it may not continue beyond a year or two. I would urge FM World to deviate from its historical marketing model just for this range. 

I am 55 and had previously never heard of the brand or products, and I look for new anti-ageing skin care products every day! Gold Regenesis needs to be visible on the platforms women of my age visit and trust. So, get the whole range on Amazon and department store websites! It would also sit well on TV shopping channels such as QVC Beauty.

I recommend this product. 

Here’s a message I have crafted in Polish, in the event the owners of the brand should come across this post. It sums up what I have written above:

FM World może dotrzeć do znacznie większej i docelowej publiczności, odbiegając od swojego modelu marketingowego dla serii Gold Regenesis. FM World może dotrzeć do znacznie większej i docelowej publiczności, odbiegając od swojego modelu marketingowego dla serii Gold Regenesis. Produkty z tej serii są doskonałe, ale wiele kobiet w moim wieku nie wie o nich. 

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