REVIEW: Gatineau Skin-Renewing Peeling Kit – Youthful Radiance Set

REVIEW: Gatineau Skin-Renewing Peeling Kit – Youthful Radiance Set

I will never tire of saying, I am a fan of skin peels. Incorporated into a regular skin care routine at monthly intervals, the right peel for your skin-type can make a really big difference.

The Gatineau Skin Renewing Peeling Kit, which forms part of the brand’s Youthful Radiance programme, was purchased from Amazon for £24.99. The last time I checked, it was sold out – but may be available again now. A link is on our Facebook page.

It arrived four days after it was ordered, two days earlier than stated. I was immediately struck by the size of the products; much bigger than I was expecting. The kit, presented in a stylish box with a magnetic flip lid, contained three products, which must be used in a strict 1-2-3 order. They are:

  • Step 1: Skin peel 50ml
  • Step 2: Serum 15ml
  • Step 3: Day cream, SPF 15 30ml
What’s inside the box.

There are very clear instructions, in numerous languages, on the inside of the box lid and in a separate instruction manual. They include images of massage techniques to use when applying some of the products. The kit is said to be suitable for all skin types.

Step 1 – The Peel

The instructions recommend you use the peel at night. It is a clear, quite sticky liquid. Not much of a smell but, if I had to compare it to anything it would be a mild adhesive.

I used enough product to cover my face, avoiding the delicate eye area. The instructions suggest leaving it on the face for 15 to 20 minutes. Because I have used peels many times in the past, I went for the full period.

While the product was on my face, I didn’t feel any tightening. In some areas, the product slightly dried but was still sticky to the touch.

After the 20 minutes was up, I wiped it off with a damp, warm cloth. My face was not flushed in any way, but it was very, very shiny – and, thinking of reader Tracey’s comment on a previous blog, I did look like a Christmas bauble! I felt as though the product had definitely done something.

It’s a reasonable-size tube of peel and I estimate I will get five or six treatments out of it.

Step 2: The Serum

Unsurprisingly, the serum is the smallest product in the box. It has a mild, very pleasant smell and is described on the pump-action bottle as an ‘Energy Revitalising Serum’.

Very light, milky serum, which was quickly absorbed into the skin. The consistency and feel reminded me of the No7 eye serum, just very slightly lighter.

I am certain the serum will last as long as the peel, if not longer – if only used after Step 1.

Step 3: Day Cream

This, I found a bit odd. Surely a moisturiser should be applied after a serum to ‘lock in’ its benefits? As Gatineau recommend doing the peel at night, I thought it strange that the moisturiser was a day cream.

I used this product at night, after the serum. It is, possibly, the best product in the kit. Very light but also extremely creamy. It blurred any blemishes, it was that good.

The issue with this product is that, it is so good it may not last as long as the other two products – because you would likely be temped to use it as a stand-alone treatment in conjunction with your usual, daily products. In fact, I already have!


The Gatineau Skin Renewing Peeling Kit offers value for money. The size of the products surprised me – as did the quality of the day cream. I would say, the peel is very mild. This may be a consideration if you are looking for a gentle peel or require something with stronger ingredients (see below).

I will need to use the peel a couple more times to be able to compare it with products I have used in the past. The reason for this is that the writing on the products is in a foreign language and I cannot determine what the active ingredient is. I prefer glycolic acid or a citric acid.

For more information about skin peels, see here Best Skin Peels – Our Picks Will Surprise You – Regime Skin Care On our Facebook page, we have a number of links for trial Gatineau kits starting from £10.

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