Handmade Unique Necklace – City Lights / Oval


Oval City Lights Handmade Necklace

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Lightweight, unique necklace featuring colours inspired by city lights.

This product has been handmade on the Jurassic Coast in Lyme Regis, Dorset, with food safe, non toxic resin. No machinery has been used. Each item is completely unique. The necklace is very lightweight, making it a comfortable-to-wear statement piece. Medium design.


Sharp resin edges have been smoothed down using the wet/dry sandpaper method before polishing.


Products are made by boutique beauty brand Regime Direct, as part of their Accessories range, and dispatched in a padded bubble envelope after being boxed and wrapped.


Caring for Your Necklace:

Avoid leaving in direct sunlight
Do not use oil on the resin
Do not wear in bath. shower or swimming pool
Wash in weak soapy warm water and gently dry with a microfibre cloth
Resin can take a while to cure, so be gentle with your purchase for the first week or so

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Made With

Food safe resin


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