Makeup Primers: Why Your Face Needs One

Makeup Primers: Why Your Face Needs One

Makeup primers have been on the mainstream beauty scene for well over a decade now – yet more than half of women are unlikely to regularly use one. A stumbling block for this ‘must-have’ product is that few appreciate the benefits. But, just like fixing sprays, a primer is key to achieving the best possible finish.

As well as prepping your skin for a foundation and concealer, this base:

  • Blurs imperfections
  • Mattifies
  • Minimises the appearance of pores
  • Smooths the skin
  • Evens skin tone
  • Can hydrate dry skin
  • Ensures your makeup stays in place all-day long – whatever the weather or environment
  • Improves the appearance of skin with or without makeup

Achieving a flawless finish without a makeup primer can be difficult, particularly with mature skin. The aim, especially with foundations, concealers and contouring products, is to build a natural look. Without a primer, these products will simply not sit comfortably on the skin. They can cake, appear uneven or exaggerate large pores and dry areas. What’s more, your look is unlikely to last.

Types of Makeup Primer

There is more than one type of primer on the market. As well as clear liquid/gel products, you will find lotions, creams and putties. You can match your base to your skin type or concern for best results. Some primers treat the skin, too. There are even primers with spot-busting ingredients.

If you are young or suffer from excessive shine, choose a mattifying primer. For dry, mature skin, go for something that will offer long-lasting hydration. You may also want to look at primers that illuminate and brighten the under-eye area and boast colour-correcting properties.

We recommend a primer is gently tapped into the skin, particularly under the eye and in the T-zone. Always apply over your daily moisturiser.

Technic Vitamin C Brightening Primer

We Recommend…

The cost of a makeup primer varies from brand to brand and the benefits offered. We stock two primers, and each has been chosen for their benefits and price.

Technic’s Vitamin C Primer brightens the skin. This is a great buy if you want to achieve a luminous, lasting finish. It is sold in a good-sized pump action tube, making it easy to use. It is tinted, which evens the colour of the skin. This product is also hydrating and also has a divine citrus smell. Buy it now for just £3.25!

Whether you wear makeup or not, Princess Potion by W7 is a fantastic buy. It is pink in colour, which complements the skin. Marketed as a complexion booster as well as a primer, it leaves the skin with a natural-looking glow. It is sold in a dropper bottle. A drop or two is all it takes. This products smells like a cross between bubblegum and strawberries and cream. Buy it now for £4.75.

complexion booster and primer

Inspired? If you haven’t tried a primer, we recommend you give it a go. It will improve the look of your makeup and keep it in place.

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