Makeup: How To Use A Concealer

Makeup: How To Use A Concealer

A good concealer can hide a multitude of sins. As well as being an important part of any makeup routine, this under-rated product can blur even major skin concerns.

Light diffusing concealers are popular because they brighten problem areas and reduce the appearance of not just blemishes but fine lines and wrinkles, too.
We recommend using a concealer if you want to:
  • Reduce redness or dark circles
  • Brighten the under eye area
  • Contour the the face
  • Define the brow line
  • Deflect attention away from fine lines, particularly under the eye and on the forehead
  • Create a natural-looking, flawless finish

Original concealers, such as the first Rimmel products, were hard to apply because the product was often quite dry – highlighting a blemish rather than fully concealing it. Oh, how things have changed…  


How To Use Concealer

Before using a concealer, consider if you may need to apply a colour correcting product first.
You will only need to use a small amount of concealer, so avoid sweeping strokes of product. Even if your concealer comes with an applicator, apply it to the back of a hand before putting any product on the target area. Concealers are buildable, so less is more to start with. Make sure you allow time between moisturising and applying a concealer. If you can afford to, wait up to 20 minutes. Blot away any moisturiser residue before starting. You can help prevent creasing by using a primer under the eye. 
Apply small dots to cleansed and moisturised skin under the eye, in the corner of the eye and, if required, on the bridge of the nose. Use down the length of the nose and on the forehead if you are planning to use contour products to re-shape your features.
Avoid dragging the skin. This means no rubbing in! Instead, use a fingertip to lightly tap the product into the skin. Continue until there is no residue. Don’t hold a straight face – get the concealer into folds and creases by changing your facial expressions. You can add a further layer for fuller coverage. Tapping in the product into the skin is vitally important if you want to avoid creasing. 
If you are applying powder over the finished look, make sure it is only a very light dusting. You may want to avoid areas that you do not want to crease or cake. Remember to tap your brush to remove excess product first. Also, avoid using bronzer on areas of the skin that you want to keep bright, most often the main areas where concealer is applied. 
  • Blot away excess oil
  • Use a colour-correcting product, if required, first
  • Apply a primer to avoid creases
  • Tap small amounts of concealer into the skin using a fingertip
  • Set with a very light dusting of powder

Review: W7 Light Diffusing Concealer

w7 light diffusing corrector pen

For a light diffusing product, the W7 pen concealer is an inexpensive buy. At £3.99, it is much cheaper than similar branded products and is sold in an attractive, slim gold, twist-up applicator. The product is smaller than it appears in promotional images because it really is pencil-slim.
We found it took quite a few ‘twists’ to get the initial product to appear in the fine brush tip. The concealer was also quite dry to start with. However, this soon rectified itself. It blended fairly easily into the skin and definitely brightened the under-eye area. We used it over a light to medium Phoera foundation and also applied it to the bridge of the nose, part of the forehead and the middle of the chin. It provided good, even coverage and was long-lasting.
Tip: Experts often recommend you do not apply a foundation to areas where you want to use a concealer – simply blend so the two meet before setting with a powder. 
The manufacturer of this product claims the light diffusing effect can last for 8 hours and we can’t quibble with that.
Overall, we rate this product 4.5 out of 5. We can’t give it full top marks because of the initial application and the length of time it took to get the product to the tip of the applicator. An attractive and functional addition to any makeup collection.

Review: City Color Perfector Pen

We had no issues applying this product. It had a good consistency, even though it is sold in a stick format, and blended well. For a budget concealer at just £2.50 it performed beyond our expectations. We used it on the under-eye area and found it easily covered dark circles and fine lines.
A real bargain buy, we rate this concealer 4.3 out of 5. Find out more about the City Colour Perfector pen in our Regime Direct shop.

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