Look Younger With These Anti-Ageing Scarves

Look Younger With These Anti-Ageing Scarves

Chosen wisely, scarves can help you look younger. If you feel your neck and décolletage really show your age, keep reading. We’ve got some great anti-ageing scarf ideas that will instantly lift your look.

Lines, sagging and crepe-like skin ‘age’ you – even if you have taken good care of your face. Often this is because the throat and area between the collar bone and cleavage have been overlooked when it comes to sun care. How many times have you neglected these areas when happily slapping sunscreen on the arms and legs?

While there have been some promising advancements in anti-ageing treatments for these specific parts of the body, they can take time to have an effect. For a real difference, you may also need to either lose weight or exercise – or both. If the results seem too far away, a simple scarf will do the trick. Less expensive than most treatments, this accessory adds a touch of style to any look.

Why A Scarf Can Knock Years Off Your Age

The scarf has a role to play in your wardrobe – and not just to keep you warm during the winter months. Light, bright colours will instantly rejuvenate your appearance while covering problem areas. We are not talking about Paisley prints here. Think of subtle, uncomplicated designs or bold statement pieces with colours that will highlight the best features of your face.

Every woman’s wardrobe should include scarves of varying lengths. But don’t get your knitting needles out, though – the best ones to help you look younger are made from linen, cotton or silk. Good choices can be used at any time of year with enough length to keep you wrapped up and feeling cosy in colder weather.

You may also want to invest in long neckwear if you need to detract attention from the bust. Women with particularly large or small breasts, not to mention those who have had a mastectomy and find the weight of a prosthetic cumbersome, will benefit from the ideas below.

In vogue, the scarf is a versatile addition to your fashion accessories. They can be worn in 101 different ways, so you can create a multitude looks with just one item.

Top Tips

  • Use a scarf to clearly distinguish your face from the rest of the body
  • Avoid dark colours and heavy knits
  • Choose a scarf with a colour that matches your eyes or lipstick
  • Consider your complexion and go for shades that will complement your skin
  • Sheer, silky fabrics are best for lifting your look

Top Anti-Ageing Scarves

Take a look at the scarves below. Click on any image for full product details or to buy.


Available in a range of colours, this cotton polyester scarf features brand SwankySwan’s popular Mulberry Tree design – £5.63
Bird designs are bang on trend and this sheer scarf from World of Shawls is perfect for spring and autumn, not to mention summer nights. Made from 100 per cent viscose, it is 100 x 180 cm – £9.99
Bold and beautiful, this pure silk scarf from Signature is the chiffon accessory every wardrobe needs. It features butterflies and is available in a range of colours – £12.99
Perfect with jeans and a plain top, this viscose long scarf can also be used as a light shawl. It features birds and flowers and is from DiaryLook – £12.99
From Story of Shanghai, this pure silk scarf is both stylish and lightweight. Suitable for all occasions, it is soft to the touch but long enough to keep you warm during the autumn and winter – £29.99
We love this opal blue pure silk scarf. Can be worn on the head as well as the neck or as a shawl. By Story of Shanghai – £30.99
Chiffon scarf from Heekpek. Available in a wide range of colours – £4.98
High quality 100 per cent silk scarf from LDCSA. More colours and designs – £18.99
Bargain buy. Bird print chiffon scarf/shawl – £3.10
This soft polyester scarf is from GlamLondon – £8.99
Silver foil feather scarf. Simple elegance. More colours available – £6.49
Bold watercolour scarf from Desigual’s Liquid Stone range – £42.45
Pop art pure silk scarf from Sanraflic – £20.92
Delicate daisy print with tassels, made from Bali yarn from Clest F&H – £5.99
Statement pom pom scarf from Claudia & Jason – £7.69

*All prices correct at the time of publishing but subject to change.

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