Is It Worth Using A Fake Tan In Winter?

Is It Worth Using A Fake Tan In Winter?

Fake tans used to be a disaster zone for all but the most proficient in applying pungent-smelling cream. Yes, I’ve been Tango-ed – by myself! You?

In the race to cover up expanses of lily-white skin, it only ever occurred to me when it was too late that the milky cream I thought I’d applied with expert care and attention had left me looking like a cross between a patchwork quilt and streaky bacon. As well as having to contend with looking like I’d been dipped in the gravy urn at a Sunday carvery or given it my all in an assault course challenge, I stank. Those early self-tans reeked something awful. And the stench took days to dissipate.

My efforts to develop a bronzed, sun-kissed glow never quite materialised. Patchy wrists and dark brown knees weren’t the only parts of my body to suffer. My face always seemed to go several shades darker than everywhere else and emit an orange aura that grabbed people’s attention for all the wrong reasons. Especially when they clocked my near-porcelain neck!

Of course, times have changed. The pong has gone – and so have the streaks.

Now you can buy a product and have more confidence that it will offer even coverage, particularly if you choose a good brand. Tanning mousses and light creams that build a tan gradually are popular because they work.

Getting A Tan In Winter

A winter tan can do wonders for your confidence. As well as evening out skin tone, a bronzed look is suited to more fashion styles and colours.

If you want to give yourself a boost and make the most of your wardrobe, now is the time to take the plunge. Look your absolute best in selfies and during Zoom calls. Being in lockdown is not an excuse to let yourself go!

You may not be able to jet off to tropical climes, but you sure can pretend you’ve been somewhere exotic.

Don’t want to go too dark too soon? Use a gradual build-up product. This way, you can determine when you’ve got the shade you want. Top up regularly and you will be freedom-ready when lockdown ends.I know people who have successfully ‘topped up’ for years, never, ever revealing their true skin colour.

A major benefit of using a fake tan is that it can reduce the amount of foundation you use – or even eliminate it completely. Other, more obvious, plus-points are that you don’t have to expose your skin to the harmful effects of the sun, subject yourself to claustrophobic tanning booths or suffer the humiliation of having to strip off for a spray.

St Moriz Mousse Medium

We have been blown away by the results we got from St Moriz Tanning Mousse in Medium. Our volunteer, Fern, (who happens to be my daughter) applied the mousse herself and this was the result…

fake tan

Competitively priced, we think this self-tan is one of the best on the market. Why not try it yourself? Click the image for product details. You will be taken to our recommended supplier. At the time of publishing, this product retailed at £7.99.

St Moriz

7 Responses

  1. Chloe f
    | Reply

    Young and dumb – I faked tanned however I had a graze on my knee and left a white circle about my graze. Couldn’t have looked worse!

  2. Margaret Gallagher
    | Reply

    A tan is the boost we need to take away the winter blues

    Just dont go in swimming pools where the chlorine content is high if you are planning too look your best post applying ! Nobody told me

  3. charmaine spillane
    | Reply

    Did my tan in the dark and tipsy/ went to college looking like streaky bacon and been tangoed

  4. sue worman
    | Reply

    used and someone came round fogot to rrwmove palms and heels took ages to remove

  5. sue worman
    | Reply

    yes you shouled use in winter gives you abit of an uplift

  6. Belinda Bennett
    | Reply

    Thank you, Tracey. That’s a brilliant story. I hope the ‘hosts’ weren’t too angry. This is just one of my tanning disaster stories (not counted because I own Regime Skin Care)… At the end of a week-long holiday at a cheap spa hotel, I decided to get a spray tan because it had rained the entire week. I was about 45 at the time (I’m 55 now). After a short wait in a relaxing room that included a massive buddha and waterfall, I was called through to the treatment room by a stunning beautician. I felt quite inferior and humiliated, having to strip off in front of a stranger. I turned this way and I turned that way. End result – a very streaky tan! And, by the time it had fully developed, I was at home. It took around 2 weeks of body scrubs to get it all off! Expensive mistake.

  7. Tracey Aird
    | Reply

    Years ago me and my man got a spray tan done in winter. Went to a party. The hosts house was very posh white sofas etc. Cut a long story short fell asleep on couch with dress on woke up – Fake tan all over sofa omg what a mess. But i agree its good to use fake tan all year round

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