Is Black Eyeshadow Really A Thing In 2021?

Is Black Eyeshadow Really A Thing In 2021?

Beauty pundits and influencers are lining up to spout about the ‘rule books being torn up’ and predict black eyeshadow will be on trend in Autumn and Winter 2021. But, with red and orange also being mooted as replacements for more muted nude shades, what pressed pigments should you be investing in when summer ends?

While an undeniable alternative to eye liner on the upper lid, black eyeshadow is not for everyone. Best-suited to those with naturally warm skin tones, it should be used very sparingly – or not at all – by most of us. Black frames the eyes beautifully and that is why it is the colour of choice for the lashes. However, it is worth remembering that those most likely to carry off such a dramatic, Gothic eyeshadow look are the young. This is definitely not a fashion statement the over-40s, or even over-30s, should be contemplating.

If you take a closer look at all those stand-out, sultry black looks currently gracing the pages of fashion magazines, you will spot a common theme – a hint of shimmer or even glitter. So, when trend-setters talk about black as an eyeshadow they are definitely not all on the same page when it comes to matte. And, in reality, most are referring to its use as a liner.

Using black on most of the upper lid is not recommended if you:

  • Have small eyes
  • Do not want to accentuate creases
  • Want to draw attention away from fine lines and wrinkles

Having said all of that, the smoky look is definitely back in vogue. Blending a grey or brown pigment under the outer lower lid is on trend and there are some excellent, free online tutorials that will help you achieve a clean, flawless finish. As well as being far less harsh than black, these softer colours are ideal if you want to make your eyes look bigger.

Red and Orange Eyeshadows

One of the things you will notice about looks created with red or orange eyeshadow is that they often include yellow or gold on the inner lid. A fashion statement that harks back to the 1980s, it has a touch of romance about it. The fact that these colours are autumnal will make them particularly relevant in the coming months. They provoke a sense of harvest – and Halloween.

Pumpkin orange, fire red and shimmering golds definitely add up to an awesome look. The word ‘glamorous’ is currently being banded about to coin the trend. If you want to have a play around with these striking colours, take a look at Technic’s Hot Love pressed pigment palette. It is packed with inspirational shades – and is currently on sale in our Regime Direct shop section.

Alternatives To Black Eyeshadow

Greys, browns and lighter shades of purple – such as lilac – are this year’s ‘true’ must-have eyeshadow colours. They should take preference over black eyeshadow simply because they are more ‘wearable’. Shimmering and matte shades can be combined to create subtle as well as dramatic styles. Their versatility means they can be worn day or night.

Eyeshadow is important because it brings out the eyes, creating a striking feature. And you don’t have to take it practically up to the brow line for it to make an impact. A splash of colour that is mostly revealed when you blink is sometimes all it takes to make an impression.

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