Go For Gold – The 24 Carat Secret To Amazing Skin

Go For Gold – The 24 Carat Secret To Amazing Skin

If you want to give your face some TLC, add a touch of luxury to the process with a glamorous gold mask treatment. It really is the 24 carat secret to fabulous skin.

Masks containing gold are popular because they have anti-bacteria properties and have also been found to boost collagen production. A powerful anti-inflammatory, gold is also the colour most likely to lift your mood. After all, what girl doesn’t want to feel glitzy and on top of the world?

Many gold face masks are peel-off, meaning they are great at cleaning out pores and ridding your face of blackheads and grime. Lift away excess oil and make-up residue with a treatment that will make you feel good about yourself.

Do The Masks Contain Real Gold?

Gold face masks come in various formats: sheets, cream and, as previously mentioned, peel-off.

Authentic masks are made with 24k gold leaf with hydrating ceramides. The masks are unusually cheap because they only use very fine flakes of gold and, sometimes, enriched gold-coloured foils. Check before you buy to confirm you are purchasing a genuine gold product.

While these facial masks are a relative newcomer to beauty counters, there are literally dozens on the market. If you have been wondering what all the fuss is about, we hope this article puts you in the loop.

Treatments containing gold are considered to offer powerful anti-ageing benefits. They can rejuvenate the skin in minutes and many, including the one we recommend in our shop section, contain therapeutic levels of molecular plant collagen as well as colloidal gold.

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24k gold face mask
How To Use A Sheet Gold Face Mask

Before you apply any type of gold facial treatment, make sure you thoroughly clean and dry your face.

Always apply a sheet mask immediately.

Press it firmly onto the skin. Use light massaging techniques to ensure the skin fully benefits from the masks properties.

Leave in place for up to 30 minutes. A minimum of 20 minutes is recommended.

Best used before bed.

Use once or twice a week for maximum benefits.

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