Forget Cold Tea Bags, There Are Better Ways To Treat Mature Skin

Forget Cold Tea Bags, There Are Better Ways To Treat Mature Skin

I was reposing on the couch with cold tea bags perched on my eyelids when it struck me I’d be experiencing an altogether more spa-like affair if the cucumber in my fridge wasn’t on the turn. It was that point in the detoxification process when I knew, if I blinked, a stray tea leaf might work itself loose from the soggiest part of its constraints and find a clear path to my eyeball. Don’t blink, Belinda. Don’t blink

The thought of seeing black dots and having to rinse possibly the most delicate – and easily irritated – part of my body with copious amounts of water convinced me there and then… It was time to push the boat out and deviate from own brands. Or, better still, invest in a decent eye cream. Quicker and much less hassle. And, I’m sure, something my mature skin would thank me for.

It reminded me of the time when I faithfully followed the recipe for a DIY oatmeal face mask – only to end up with what looked like congealed porridge stuck to my skin. While I wouldn’t say I’m lazy, I really haven’t got the time for improvisations when it comes to my anti-ageing regime. It has to be easy, and it has to be quick. That’s why I appreciated my foresight when I came across a small, pump-action bottle of Sanctuary Spa Power Peptide Awakening Eye Serum

awakening eye serum

Rediscover Products Stored In Strange Places

Of all the places… I ‘rediscovered’ it on the second tier of a revolving perfume storage rack. In a rare ‘Ah-ha!’ moment, I delighted in my ‘find’ – not pausing to ask myself how I could possibly have forgotten purchasing it. On the third day of use, I was marvelling at its silky, orange coolness when it struck me – What else is on that perfume rack?

I interrupted my routine to go and have a look. Turns out, quite a lot. In addition to a high-strength retinol serum, there was a rather beautifully-presented lip balm in a gold pot and a small tub of sugar-like Barry M watermelon lip scrub. After extending my search to the drawer in my bedside cabinet, I could add two Moisture Bomb sheet face masks and a No7 night cream to my haul. 

The treasure trove was unlikely to have suppressed my recent leaning towards Gatineau, Elizabeth Arden and PRAI purchases because, after all, I am a skin care junkie. But, at the very least, they should have been filed away where I could easily find them. In these uncertain times, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that my budget for anti-ageing skin care products will dry up before my face!

cheap retinol serum

Remember What Hasn’t Worked In The Past

Sharing is caring. That is why I ‘recycle’ products that don’t work for me. They are easy to find, because I tend to leave them by my front door – ready to foist on anyone willing to take them. I’m afraid bath bombs are never far from the pile. They may have taken on pretty cake and ice cream-like formations in recent years but still remind me of grossly old-fashioned cubes. 

Last year, I added a pair of roller skates to the mix. They were super-trendy ones too, with flashing lights, and were quickly snapped up. I don’t know what came over me when I bought them. In my 50s, I had visions of getting fit while rediscovering part of my long-lost youth. It escaped me at the time that I live on a hill, its steepness often likened by my neighbours to Scafell Pike. A Frank Spencer moment with a deadly, rather than comical, twist in the making… So, as you can imagine, the roller skating phase of my midlife crisis was confined to the length of a hallway with the odd foray into the kitchen before I decided I was in serious danger of breaking my neck!

The scooter, which I purchased at the same time and had flashing wheels, made it slightly further. In fact, I ‘scooted’ all the way to my town’s skatepark. Your lungs will thank you, I was huffing and puffing to myself. A then 5-year-old granddaughter eagerly accompanied me on her Peppa Pig version. It went brilliantly – at first. I managed to pick up some speed and skirt around the bases of half-pipes. Yasmin was well-impressed. ‘Go, Nanny! Go!’

The all-male gang of teenagers putting skateboards and BMX bikes through their paces were kind enough to ‘let me through’ when they saw me coming. It didn’t cross my mind at the time, but they must have been thinking: ‘What the hell?’ Bless them, they rushed to my aid when over-confidence got the better of me and I took a tumble. I limped home, crest-fallen and grazed, and cursing my decision not to open the pack of knee and elbow pads I shelled out £9.99 for!

Two years on, I can reflect on that moment of madness and compare it to less-risky experiments on my mature skin. While skating is, perhaps, not the most recommended way to get fit at my age, skin peels and good quality serums are certainly a better route to looking – and, of course, feeling – younger. 

Safe Remedies For Mature Skin

On that note, here are some products that could literally save your skin…

ClaRose Detox Anti-Ageing Eye Cream with hyaluronic acid and rose oil, £7.17.
Marine Water Bomb face cream by Floslek, £7.75. Hydrates and smooths skin.
Fruit acid AHA + BHA skin peel pads from Beverly Hills, £19.49

*Prices correct at the time of publishing.

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The weather is changing. My garden is currently bathed in pure, brilliant sunshine – something my sole-surviving pond fish will no doubt appreciate after the recent cold snap. With so much time spent indoors, I am looking forward to preparing the garden for summer.

While my skating and scooter fiascos are both true, I have experienced a bit more luck with an above ground swimming pool. This year, I have invested in a new one – best bought before April when prices often go up or stock sells out. I am deviating from the 10ft in all directions (except depth) round model to a slightly smaller, rectangle one. Apart from not wanting to risk getting a fourth year out of it, I figure, if the virus is still lurking into May, I will at least get some exercise – and fun. I will write a bit more about my garden pool experiences (there are plenty!) in the future. You have to be careful when chlorine and mature skin come into regular contact!

My garden last summer. It needs a bit more levelling this year.

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    The best tips I’ve been given by my mum with regard to ageing skin are (1) wear sunscreen (2) don’t forget to moisturise your neck (as that’s a tell take sign of age) 👍🏻😊

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