Eliminate Skin Concerns With This New Range Of Organic And Halal Soap

Eliminate Skin Concerns With This New Range Of Organic And Halal Soap

Creators with an entrepreneurial spirit are poised to carve out a niche in the UK artisan soap market – all the way from The Pink City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in India.

Flourishing in Jaipur, revered for its traditional shops, friendly people and historic Amber Fort, is a business already respected in Britain and across Europe – Karigar. Under its brand name Karigarofficial, it has won plaudits for outstanding customer service and eye for quality. With an established background that plays heavily on Jaipur’s reputation as a centre for handmade leather goods and exquisitely sculpted marble figurines, this is a business that was quick to recognise the benefits and global demand for organic goods. It has a proven track record in supplying spices as well as high-quality organic snacks.

Karigar was founded by a housewife and talented crafter who came up with the idea of helping other artisans connect with a worldwide audience while sipping tea on a 42nd floor restaurant. 

organic soap
Clockwise from top left: Coffee Soap, Lavender Bud Soap, Saffron Bud Soap and Pure Neem Soap

Handmade Soap That Treats Skin Concerns

Regime Skin Care spoke to Vinayak Sharma, who is the brand’s operations manager. He explained how Karigar is expanding its portfolio into the skin care market – thanks to a handmade soap range produced using all-natural and locally sourced ingredients in Delhi, part of India’s Golden Triangle that includes Jaipur.

“The soaps are certified organic as well as halal, and they are paraben and cruelty-free,” he told us. “All the ingredients are grown locally or in neighbouring areas such as Kashmir, which is recognised internationally for the highest quality saffron, and Andhra Pradesh, where the finest, fresh turmeric is harvested.”

Each soap in Karigar’s range has been chosen for its specific skin benefits.

“Turmeric boosts the skin. It is a powerful antioxidant and has strong anti-inflammatory properties,” said Mr Sharma. “It is repairing and has long been recognised for its medicinal benefits.”

A stunning coffee soap is infused with natural anti-ageing properties that are proven to rejuvenate the skin with regular use. Also in the range is a moisturising honey soap and an anti-bacterial lavender soap that targets blemishes and breakouts by calming the skin. 

We asked Mr Sharma to tell us more about the new Saffron Bud Soap. He said: “It illuminates the skin, revealing a radiant, natural glow because the ingredients aid blood circulation and encourage cell renewal. It works in the same way as cinnamon.”

cinnamon soap
Cinnamon Soap, handmade in Delhi. Certified organic and halal

Artisan Skin Care – From The Pink City To The UK

Karigar usually supplies UK customers in 10 to 12 days but says, inevitably, there are occasional delays due to the current Covid 19 pandemic. It is actively looking at ways to speed up delivery times, but happy customers appear content to wait. We read the all 5-star reviews the brand has amassed in Europe and the US. What stood out were comments like ‘the best customer service ever’, ‘very high quality’ and ‘friendly’.

Having met Mr Sharma on Zoom to interview him for this feature, we can testify that Karigar is wholly customer centric. In fact, he demonstrated the brand’s commitment to delivering a first-class customer experience by explaining how the business deals with bespoke requests for rare Indian antiquities and curiosities – they are tracked down on foot by visiting small, often obscure, traditional shops. 

“We build a strong bond with our customers because we think it is important to look beyond simply selling,” he said.

We love the soaps in this range. They are not just beneficial to the skin, they look stunning and smell amazing. If the launch is successful, Mr Sharma says there are plans to extend the organic skin care range to bath salts and lotions.

Interested in buying a handmade soap to treat a skin care concern? Message us and we will pass your contact details to Karigar. 


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