Easy Autumn Skincare and Beauty Tips for 2021

Easy Autumn Skincare and Beauty Tips for 2021

Autumn is intrinsically linked to ripeness and decay. It is punctuated by the traditional harvest and the falling of leaves. Crisp, golden colours, reds and all shades of brown gradually replace the lush greenness that shoots in spring and blankets the landscape through to the end of summer. And, of course, the temperature takes a tumble.

After a short spell of almost unprecedented heat, this year’s summer is slipping away. You can feel it.  Although still in August, there is a tangible sense that the best of the sunny weather is behind us. The wind is slowly but surely blowing in autumnal climes. It won’t be long before seasonal attire and beach-worthy beauty essentials are being packed away.

Just like trees shed their leaves to prepare for the onslaught of winter, our skin needs to be braced for the cold. Even subtle changes to a skincare routine can make all the difference – and the best time to get the skin in shape is in September and October before temperatures plummet. 

Preparing the skin, especially on exposed parts of the body, is necessary to prevent:

  • Dryness
  • Ageing
  • Chapping
  • Cracking
  • Tightening

autumn skincare tips


Your Autumn Skincare Essentials

Because cold weather and low humidity dries out the skin, it can leave it feeling tight and rough. Damaged skin can flake and crack, posing an infection risk as well as causing premature ageing. To look after your skin through the winter months, the autumn is a good time to rethink your daily regimen. 

Here are some easy ways to make effective changes:

The Face

  • Invest in a gentle lip scrub and use a balm to keep the lips moist to prevent chapping and cracking
  • Exfoliate twice a week. The heat of the summer months can leave pores clogged and the face caked in dead skin
  • Swap a light gel cleanser for something more moisturising. A creamy, foaming wash or rich cleansing balm are good bets
  • If you have been relying on a light vitamin C or hyaluronic acid serum, you might want to consider replacing it with a retinol product. As well as hydrating the skin, it will strengthen it
  • Always use a moisturiser morning and night. In the evenings, apply a rich moisturiser over the serum. A day cream should always include a good SPF – even in the depths of winter, because UV rays can damage the skin all-year round. Avoid using a light day cream because they are usually most suited to warmer months
  • Take extra care of the eye area. If you don’t already use an eye cream, now is a good time to start. 
  • Just because the weather is cooler doesn’t mean it is time to drink less. Keep up your water intake to ensure the skin stays hydrated. Aim for at least two litres a day

Tip: Expensive products aren’t always the best. Go for brands with good reviews from a large number of buyers

Skin Academy Pure Cleansing Facial Scrub – 75ml



Winter can be tough on hands – even more so now that we are all washing them more often and using sanitisers. Keep them soft and supple using:

  • Nourishing soap. Try to go for a product with natural ingredients and hydrating properties
  • A hand cream that will offer long-lasting moisturisation. Look for for a cream with a high percentage of oils, butters or honey. Check the ingredient list to ensure at least one contains vitamin E, such as almond or olive oil. 

Tip: Don’t wash your hands in hot water – it will dry them out

Sunkissed Skin Multi Peptide Skin Boosting Serum 30ml


Autumn Makeup Hacks 

If you have been wearing bright-coloured eyeshadow and been heavy on the eyeliner during the summer, autumn is the time to switch-down your look. Natural, nude shades and warm browns, along with smoky looks will be in vogue again come the end of next month. If you fancy a bit of colour, you can add a hint of orange or red to your eyelids or lips.

Think of autumnal colours and how you can incorporate them into your individual style. 

Choose a good concealer and have a go at contouring your face. Inexpensive kits make this highly effective shaping trick really easy to accomplish. This is the time of year to show off a clear, dewy complexion and lose the summer glow look. Be careful with the highlighter!

Here are a few autumn makeup ideas from our store. Click any image for further product information. 

Today’s Note To Readers: Where did the summer go? It seems like only yesterday we were coming out of the longest winter ever. The gear change in makeup will, at least, give me something fun to focus on. I am not a fan of ‘influencers’ – egotistic ordinary people sat in their bedrooms being paid to try and sell me something I don’t want or need. However, for makeup purposes, there are two I recommend. The first is respected professional makeup artist James Welsh. He offers honest, no fuss advice – without big sales pitches. He is also humorous and never nasty when delivering critiques of other people’s advice. For free makeup tutorials, I strongly recommend Smitha Deepak – especially her eye makeup videos.

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