Do Inexpensive Asian Skin Care Products Actually Work?

Do Inexpensive Asian Skin Care Products Actually Work?

Asian skin care products are popular because they are often less expensive than their Western counterparts. They are also widely available – thanks to online retail platforms.

Manufacturers based in China and Japan reached mass audiences with products like snail cream, liquid highlighters and eye lift treatments. They are now making significant inroads with anti-ageing serums and creams – so much so that European manufacturers are now routinely using Asian-inspired ingredients in their skin treatments.

It is worth noting that not all skin care remedies are the same.

There are strict safety standards for all cosmetic and skin care goods in the UK and EU – even those made from all-natural materials. Ingredients, which by law must be displayed on packaging, are regulated. And products should be manufactured in sterile conditions such as cleanrooms. Safety warnings, use by dates and country of origin must also be clearly displayed on packaging.

Both manufacturers and distributors are responsible for proving the safety of the skin care products they are selling. Decisions on whether a product goes to market are usually based on a detailed assessor report, a technical document produced by makers.

So, if you are buying a product from a platform which has a distribution base in the UK, you can be reasonably assured that standards have been adhered to. If you ever have any concerns about a product, you should not use it and contact the retailer. Avoid buying from platforms operating outside of the UK. Typically, these are those with very long wait times for delivery.

Be careful when buying from individuals and obscure direct selling schemes.

This top-rated product, inspired by Asian beauty treatments, is made by a leading, highly-respected Polish brand.

So, Do Asian-Inspired Skin Care Products Work?

Now we’ve got the safety essentials out of the way… We have tested a range of safe anti-ageing treatments manufactured with Asian-inspired ingredients and all had benefits.

The reason why some skin care treatments cost less than others is that cheaper brands often spend much less on packaging and advertising. And they target mass markets online, rather than getting products on every shop shelf.

We like the look of Japan Lift, designed specifically to treat the signs of ageing. It comes from the stable of a respected European manufacturer – in spite of its distinctly Asian appearance. Active ingredients include Synake peptide, natural rice peptides and other organic ingredients, including Tsubaki oil which is a powerful antioxidant containing Omega acids and vitamins.

A cream serum, Japan Lift is a super-rich treatment designed to deliver intense hydration and firm the skin. It purports to iron out wrinkles and boost elasticity. Another benefit is that it promotes even skin tone. So, if you have age spots or any kind of skin discolouration, here’s a product that won’t cost you too much and could really help.

From the Bielenda brand, which serves professionals as well as consumers, the revitalising cream should be used before going to bed. It retails for just £9.62 – and we really think it is worth a try.

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  1. Emma
    | Reply

    I haven’t used Asian skincare products before but after reading this I will give them a go

  2. Natalie
    | Reply

    I would love to try this brand, looks like they have lovely staff.Very natural ingredients.

    • Katie Russell
      | Reply

      I have never thought to buy skincare from aboard I have to say Reading this article has waylaid some of my fears

  3. Loretta McDonald
    | Reply

    Personally I love Korean and Japanese skincare and they work very well they have some excellent lines they brought us many firsts we wouldn’t have dreamed of trying before so give them a go if your not already a convert like me. …

  4. Sally Collingwood
    | Reply

    Yes, I think they do work, I used to take in foreign students and they often brought skincare as presents and some of it was wonderful and really did work, much better than some other brands.

  5. Gracie Sudky
    | Reply

    I’ve used many Asian brands before and never stopped to think about the conditions of how they were made and how safe the ingredients are.. this has been eye opening for me. Thank you!

  6. Penny Smith
    | Reply

    This is very interesting and something to think about.

  7. Magi khan
    | Reply

    I’ve never used Asian brands before, but recently have come across a lot of good reviews about them, have to try.

  8. Sima Chawda-bell
    | Reply

    Have started to use a few Asian skincare brands, they are great!

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