Cath Kidston Gifts Designed To Delight, Soothe and Calm

Cath Kidston Gifts Designed To Delight, Soothe and Calm

If you love Cath Kidston’s delicate floral and patchwork designs, you will love the brand’s skin care and sleep range.

As well as featuring single items, these products come in beautiful kits. They boast products made from premium natural ingredients, too.

We’ve chosen two to showcase today, both sets – simply because we love them and they won’t break the bank. They don’t go on our ‘must buy’ list just because of the packaging, of course, but because of their fabulous ingredients and overall sustainability.

Cath Kidston Beauty Cottage Patchwork Hand Cream and Lip Balm Tin

What is there not to love about this?

One of Cath Kidston’s signature prints, this cottage patchwork design captures the true, quintessential essence of the countryside. With distinct vintage overtones, it is presented in a handy-size embossed tin. Inside, you will find a hand cream and lip balm.

Both skin care products are infused with moringa oil, orange peel essential oil and honeysuckle extract – not to mention shea butter to help soften and soothe.

An utterly charming gift – or a fabulous treat for yourself. Click the image for today’s price and more information.


Cath Kidston Beauty Cottage Patchwork Sleep Set

Get ready for a good night’s sleep! Develop an effective bedtime routine with a trending sleep set that includes both calming and soothing essentials. Neatly presented in a beautiful floral box, we think this could be the secret to a proper overnight rest.

If you find it hard to unwind at night, discover a set that includes a relaxing scented candle and aromatic bath fizz. You will smell calming hints of honeysuckle, blue cornflowers and green leaves together with with bergamot and vanilla. A lavender-infused pillow mist and soft eye mask complete the set.

We recommend this product for women of all ages, especially those going through the menopause, busy mums and ladies who lead hectic lives.


Cath Kidston


Click the image for today’s price and more information.

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