Are Natural Hand Sanitisers Any Good?

Are Natural Hand Sanitisers Any Good?

Hand sanitiser shortages made the news during the first national lockdown in March. Images of empty shop shelves and people stockpiling loo rolls will probably remain imprinted on our minds for many years to come! Now, it seems, the world and his wife are trying to get in on the act with everyone from brewery owners to celebrities attempting to make a fast buck with their own brand of sanitiser.

Not all anti-bacterial hand rubs are the same. In fact, research carried out by Which? found three of 18 brands tested did not contain enough alcohol to kill the virus. So, choosing an effective sanitiser is vital. Your life, and those of your loved ones, could depend on it.

I am very careful when buying products that claim to offer some kind of protection against infection. My cancer treatment involves Herceptin and Perjeta infusions in hospital once every three weeks. I am currently only half-way through a year-long course, which followed my chemotherapy.

While I still use hand sanitiser stations in the hospital, I also ensure I have a small bottle of my own in my handbag. I use it after touching any surface, including the remote control for the infusion chair, the side table and doors. I’m afraid, I try not to use the loo while I am there!

Choosing an effective hand sanitisers is important

Natural Hand Sanitisers

To work against Covid-19, a hand rub must contain at least 60 per cent alcohol. This is the level recommended by the World Health Organisation. Try to avoid buying little-known brands and only use in circumstances when hand washing facilities are not available.

Yes, natural hand sanitisers do work. The Which? investigation found that Neal’s Yard Natural Defence Hand Rub contains 70 per cent alcohol, making it one of the most effective products on the market.

What I love about this sanitiser is that it doesn’t have an over-powering scent. A couple of times, when using other brands, I’ve worried I smell like I’ve just knocked back a double shot of gin. Not a good feeling when you are surrounded by medical staff! This hand rub boasts light fragrances indicative of ingredients such as lemongrass and witch hazel. It leaves my hands smelling clean and is easy to apply, with no gluey residue.

Hand rubs containing alcohol do, unfortunately, have a drying effect on the hands. This can present another infection risk, if the skin becomes irritated or chapped. Always ensure you use a good moisturising cream before going to bed.

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In the meantime, keep your hands clean and stay well.

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  1. Shaylee Pagliaro
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    Very useful and informative article, I thought before that if i brought a hand sanitiser then it would naturally have the right amount of alcohol it in to keep us safe! As a product I now use daily will definitely be reviewing my brand and ensuring I buy a recommended and effective one!!
    Thank you

  2. Natasha Stewart
    | Reply

    So good to be able to read about hand sanitisers that will keep you safe as well as not overpower your senses. It’s difficult to find something reliable but reading about a Which? recommended product helps a lot!

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