Annemarie Börlind Serum Ticks All The Right Boxes

Annemarie Börlind Serum Ticks All The Right Boxes

I am going to be honest, I purchased the Orange Blossom Energiser Face Serum by Annemarie Börlind because I thought it would look good on my dressing table. An extremely attractive two-tone product, it is part of the German brand’s ‘shake’ range. The fact that it contains an impressive list of natural ingredients and has an exotic-sounding fragrance was an after-thought.

This day and night serum is enriched with botanical neroli oil, an all-important retinoid, brightening vitamin C and nourishing vitamin E. It promises to tone and brighten the skin to give it a more youthful appearance.

With 60 years of expertise under its belt, this brand launched one of the original ‘green’ skin care ranges. It holds true to its roots to this very day. All products are free from silicones and paraffin and are also cruelty-free. None of the ingredients used are genetically modified either. 

Orange Blossom Energiser Face Serum

This serum is sold in a 50ml pump action bottle. It can be used morning and night, after cleansing and toning but before the application of a moisturiser. You need to give the bottle a shake to mix the ingredients before use. The yellow and red colours fuse to produce a lightweight brown serum.

I would liken the scent to sangria when first squirted onto fingers. Refreshing, the serum is a real ‘waker-upper’ – definitely meeting the criteria for an energising facial product. This is one of those serums that makes you want to just keep on massaging the face because it feels so damned good. Problem is… You’re likely to want ‘just another squirt’.

It is comparable with a high-quality vitamin C serum. After one week of use, the skin feels more toned and definitely looks more even in colour. This serum is not oily but will give your skin a dewy sheen/glow. It could be my eyesight, but I am almost sure it has given me a very faint tan. It certainly brings a bit of colour to my cheeks after use. I also experienced a vague tightening sensation after the first application.

energising serum

Serum Pros And Cons

Here are my pros and cons for this Annemarie Börlind product:


  • Good-sized bottle
  • Definitely energises
  • Brightens the skin, as promised
  • Tones
  • Smells amazing
  • Looks fantastic
  • Easy to use


  • Bog standard vitamin C serums are cheaper
  • The product is not widely available on the high street
  • You may want to restrict use to either the morning or night to make it last longer

Would I buy the Orange Blossom Energiser Face Serum again? Absolutely! This product range is right up there with Elemis and Elizabeth Arden and, with that in mind, it is rather decently priced. My skin does feel radiant which, of course, makes me feel more confident about my appearance. The biggest plus-point, however, is the experience of using the serum. It truly is utterly divine. 

You can read more about Annemarie Börlind and its anti-ageing product range here. The serum featured in this review is part of the brand’s Extra Care range. It also has an LL Regeneration product line, System Absolute range and Aquanature products. 

Reviewed by skin care devotee and former journalist Belinda Bennett. Age: 55.

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