A Firming Day Cream That Actually Moisturises The Face – Review

A Firming Day Cream That Actually Moisturises The Face – Review

Skin treatments have moved on from night-time routines and overnight masks. If you are savvy about skincare, you can now treat concerns around the clock. A firming day cream is a popular choice for those looking to diminish often soul-destroying signs of ageing. Fine lines, sagging and dry skin can be targeted as you get on with your day.

Worn under makeup, some lifting creams are excellent primers and many provide all-important protection from the sun. Traditionally applied to soften the skin and improve the texture, today’s morning creams offer a whole lot more than straightforward hydration.

For this review, we’ve taken a forensic look at Eveline Cosmetics’ Royal Caviar Therapy Lifting Day Cream. We stock this product in 40+ and 50+.

Royal Caviar Therapy 50+

About This Product Range

Royal Caviar Therapy Day Cream contains two main trademarked ingredients – Neo-DNA and Rigin. The product also includes black orchid, royal caviar extract, hyaluronic acid, retinol, panthenol, Shea butter, tri-peptides, water, and soy oil. Although it takes its name from the royal caviar ingredient, the French brand leans heavily on its use of cell-renewing Neo-DNA. It claims, it stimulates the skin to regenerate cells. It markets the product as ‘repairing’ and refers to DNA technology that won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 2015.

Eveline Cosmetics says the cream offers an effective three-step process to repair damaged skin. It does not make it clear whether or not the caviar ingredient is actually derived from fish eggs – a known natural moisturiser and sun block. It does say the cream is a ‘concentrate’ and this is important because it is very rich for a day cream. Rigin is a recognised anti-ageing agent and is formulated from immunoglobulin G.

Black orchid extract is an anti-oxidant and known for its moisturising properties.

The product range is manufactured in Europe and is sold in a 50ml jar.

It promises to:

  • Intensely firm the skin
  • Stimulate cell renewal
  • Improve skin density
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Offer some protection from the sun

Our Experience of Royal Caviar Therapy

The first thing we’ve got to say is that this treatment comes in a big box, which belies the fact that the attractive glass jar is relatively small in comparison. However, it does contain 50ml of the product – a standard size for anti-ageing products. Once you take the lid off, you will find the cream is sealed with a silver foil cover. This is a good sign that the product has been adequately protected from contaminants between the time it was manufactured and reaching the consumer.

The cream is white and, in our opinion, medium-weight – unusual for a day cream. It has a pleasant light floral scent. You only need a small amount and we applied it with circular motions across the face, paying particular attention to problem areas. It can also be used on the throat and decollete.

The immediate sensation is one of cooling. In fact, this product reminds us of a traditional cold cream. It is smoothing and, after just one week of use, the skin does feel firmer. It also feels soft and dewy. However, the most surprising thing for a lifting product is that it is intensely hydrating. In fact, so much so, we would recommend this ‘day cream’ is actually used at night. The SPF, while good to see, is on the low side if you do not wear makeup with built-in protection. You should be aiming for an SPF of 30 all-year round.

We found that, worn under makeup, this product can make the skin go a tad shiny come the end of the day – hence it is mostly suited to those with dry to very dry skin or, for everyone else, applied very sparingly.

A Day Cream That Can Be Used At Night

We recommend this product, although a day cream, be applied over a serum at night. It delivers an intense burst of moisturisation, making it especially useful for those with dry skin.

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