8 Step Anti-Ageing Makeup Hack Anyone Can Do

8 Step Anti-Ageing Makeup Hack Anyone Can Do

‘I feel frumpy’, ‘I look old’, ‘I don’t feel like myself anymore’ – just some of the comments I see almost daily in forums and on social media. Losing confidence is one of the worst aspects of getting older or recovering from an illness. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, you are more likely not to like yourself. If you feel low, being unhappy about your appearance can actually damage your health – it can lead to depression as well as poor self-esteem.

Here’s an 8 step anti-ageing makeup guide guaranteed to boost your confidence and put a spring back in your step. I developed this simple regime using the least amount of products and with time in mind. It shouldn’t take longer than 10 to 12 minutes to achieve. Less, once you get the hang of it.

I’m 56 this year, by the way.

Regime Skin Care

First Things First

You need squeaky clean skin. Use your normal cleansing gel, followed by a toner. If it’s been a while since you used makeup, I recommend using a gentle exfoliating face wash. Get into the habit of exfoliating your skin twice a week. It will help you achieve a smooth surface and make the application process quicker and easier. If your skin feels really stodgy, consider using a gentle peel once a month on an evening. 

Apply a lightweight day cream with a good Sun Protection Factor (SPF). If you want to use a serum under your day cream, I recommend Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum. Wait a a minute or two before applying the day cream to allow the oil to be absorbed into the skin. Don’t worry if your skin looks oily immediately after application. 

anti ageing makeover

Not a pretty sight! Here are some shots of me, looking a tad haggard, before I started. 

Step 1

Once you feel ready, apply a liquid primer to your face. Use a generous pea-sized amount and work it into the T-zone before feathering out onto the cheeks. Concentrate on areas with large, open pores and wrinkles. I use more under my eyes and on my nose than anywhere else! Liquid primers, such as Phoera, NYX or Max Factor, are ideal. It is worth noting, you can save money by buying the Phoera primer in a bundle with foundation and mineral powder. 

I used Phoera’s Pore Minimising Photo Finish Primer.

Step 2

For the foundation part of your anti-ageing makeup routine, remember that less is more. There is no need to invest in a specific brand, but good coverage foundations, such as Phoera or Rimmel, will help you achieve the best result. If you have a scar or mole on your face that you want to hide use a concealer before you apply any foundation. 

Squeeze a pea-sized amount – no more – onto a clean finger or the back of a hand. With another finger dab small amounts of the foundation under your eyes, on your forehead, nose and the chin. Then dab the remaining product onto your cheeks. If you want to use a makeup sponge, that’s fine. Now, carefully work the foundation into your skin. Pay attention to the jawline and feather down towards your neck to ensure there is no tideline. Cover your eyelids with foundation residue. 

Once you are happy that you have good coverage, move onto the next step. I used Phoera foundation.

Step 3

Mineral powder should be used very sparingly. It will ‘set’ your foundation but, if applied too thickly, can leave the skin looking powdery. Powdered faces look older, so you definitely want to avoid that! Tap the application brush to ensure there is minimal product on it before sweeping the powder over the face. I used a Laura Geller powder.

Step 4

Use a blusher that contains a bit of shimmer – so you won’t have to apply a highlighter. I use a baked Laura Geller one, but the Gorgeous Glow Blush Block from Collection is inexpensive and does the job. Powdered rouge lasts longer than cream versions and is much easier to apply. Again, less is more. Apply a small amount with a sweeping stroke of a brush to your upper cheek bone. This will instantly ‘lift’ your face and give it a healthy glow. 

I always apply rouge at this stage because some brands can change colour slightly once applied. The blushes in a palette included in the Elizabeth Arden red case set makes my skin look ‘dirty’, rather than glowing, for a few minutes – before it takes on its true colour. I haven’t got a clue why it does that. 

anti ageing makeup tips

Step 5

Use a brush to apply a subtle eyeshadow shade. There’s no need to contour the eye or to try and mix and match colours. Take a look at the shimmering colours in this palette by Lamora. Test a colour on the back of a hand before applying. Some colours can look OK in a palette but be much darker when applied to the skin. I tend to go for natural,, almost nude shades. You can finish off the look by applying a tiny dab of highlighter to the corner of your eyes and to the area immediately below the brows. 

The eyeshadow I’ve used is from an Elizabeth Arden palette.

Step 6

Mascara should be applied in coats with drying time between each. I recommend three good coats for the upper lashes (just one for the lower ones) with a waterproof product that includes 3 or 4D silk fibres. This product from L’Oreal can extend the look of your lashes by 60 per cent. I’ve used a small, thin line of eyeliner on my lower lid. Be aware, eyeliner can age you, especially if you use too much. Consider if this look will suit you before applying. 

I used Barry M Show Girl mascara.

mascara tips

Step 7

It’s worth investing in a good lipstick – one that will offer moisturisation and is less likely to ‘bleed’. Choose a natural-looking colour, or even a simple tinted balm. You can make your lips look bigger and fuller by using a lip liner and filling in the lips before applying lipstick. However, if time is against you and you want a more natural look, apply the lipstick carefully. Press the lips over tissue to remove any residue and to ensure a more organic finish.

I use Elizabeth Arden’s Mulberry Blush, but here are some good alternatives

Step 8

Always use a setting spray last. As well as ensuring your ‘look’ will stay put for hours, this product will banish any powdery residue – important if you want to achieve a youthful glow. Spray 10 inches away from your face with your eyes closed and allow to dry. Recommended sprays: Barry M, Rimmel and NYX. I used one by Barry M. 

makeup regime skin care

The products I used (pictured above)

Anti-Ageing Makeup

You don’t have to spend a fortune, or invest in anti-ageing makeup brands, to achieve a younger look. The key to success is using less product and eliminating a powdered finish. If your skin care regimen is good, a minimalist makeup routine will show off your skin in the best possible light.

The ‘after’ image of me is showcased at the top of this feature. Yes, it really is me!

If you have bags or deep wrinkles under your eyes, read this – Top Picks: Instant Eye Lift Serums.

Today’s note to readers: I am delighted to announce that Regime Skin Care has joined the MHHSBD group on Twitter and is now featured in its online business directory. Watch this space for exciting news about partnerships. As you know, we can earn a tiny commission (a few pence) if you buy a product through a link on this site or one of our social media channels. The eventual aim is to earn enough to cover our monthly website hosting fees. We hope to be able to extend our appeal by offering a wider range of anti-ageing skin care products from several retailers.

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