5 Things Men Absolutely Hate About Women’s Faces

5 Things Men Absolutely Hate About Women’s Faces

It’s official – men hate wrinkles. But, surprisingly, lines aren’t the worst feature of women’s faces. You can cancel your ‘nose job’, it’s not a big hooter either.

According to research* conducted by Regime Skin Care, the free anti-ageing skin care guide specialists, wrinkles pale into insignificance compared to something much more embarrassing. Honest!

Lines ranked second in our poll on ‘What Men Absolutely Hate About Women’s Faces’. Open or blocked pores came third, bags under the eyes fourth and uneven skin tone fifth.

So, what could possibly repel males more than those horrors?

It’s The Hairs On Your Chinny-Chin-Chin

Yep, facial hair is considered worse than wrinkles. Often so fair in colour and fine, these are hairs you may not spot yourself – until someone points them out. (It happens to me quite regularly!) Typically unsightly, the hairs usually sprout not just on the chin but the upper lip and sides of the face where they can take on a distinct, fuzzy appearance.

Excessive hair growth on the face is common in women approaching the menopause. It can also be a side-effect of medical conditions, such as hirsutism, hormone imbalances and polycystic ovarian syndrome, among others. Some medications can also cause excessive hair growth.

As well as being embarrassing, facial hairs can impede the cosmetic finish of foundations and mineral powders. And shaving hairs or plucking them can often make matters worse. If you don’t fancy having wax or sugar treatments, there are – thank goodness – some really effective ways to get the blighters gone.

hair removal
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How To Safely Remove Facial Hair

There are lots of battery-operated and electric devices on the market. Creams, too. Choose a removal system that best suits your skin type and pay scrupulous attention to hygiene. Be careful not to buy a cheap gadget that could malfunction and snag hairs.

For easy, lasting results take a look at the no! no!

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** Straw poll of 67 men, aged between 32 and 71, January 2021.

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  1. Amy s
    | Reply

    Disappointed that eye bags are not desired! Im 30 and have started to suffer with them each morning! Great information though as we’ve probably all let the chin hair go in lockdown 😆

  2. Tracey Greyvenstein
    | Reply

    My beard is coming along beautifully!

  3. Maria quinsey
    | Reply

    I have suffered with this for 10 years due to my pcos… Luckily my chap loves me no matter what.

  4. Kirsty
    | Reply

    Beauty aswell as seeing is skin deep if you have a beautiful heart it ll shine through

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