5 Alternatives To The Korean Sheet Face Mask

5 Alternatives To The Korean Sheet Face Mask

Soothing sheet face masks have been ‘on trend’ in the UK for more than two years, spurred on by a growing interest in Korean skin care crazes. They have been featured in just about every beauty publication going, including popular staples like Marie Claire.

Now available from a wide range of brands, not least the big hitters in European skin care, the bamboo or bio cellulose sheets see their fibres impregnated with an impressive array of potent ingredients. They can deliver anything from a serious moisture blast for dry skin to a complete anti-ageing treatment. Brightening, clarifying and lifting options are popular among those seeking younger-looking skin, but masks are also available to treat conditions such as acne and blackheads.

With sheets for all skin types, the masks can be purchased singularly or in packs. And they are not always cheap – ranging from around £2 for a single branded mask to over £100 for a small multi-pack. Green tea, seaweed, foiled gold, Vitamin C and serum masks are currently in vogue.

While offering accepted benefits, they have their drawbacks. Personally, they make me feel claustrophobic.

If you want to frighten the kids or grandkids, look like a ghost or resemble a creature from a horror movie, they’re great. But they can also feel uncomfortable, cold, soggy, and slimy.

Recently, the trend has extended to silicone re-useable as well as DIY masks. Cutting out holes in a cotton sheet and juicing ingredients such as cucumber does not appeal to me. However, if you fancy giving it a go, you will find plenty of ideas via Style Craze here

This sheet face mask collection by Glam Up offers great value for money, if you want to experience what all the fuss is about – currently £11.50 for a pack of 12.

So, What Are The Alternatives?

The not-so-humble sheet face mask delivers concentrated ingredients that can revitalise and hydrate tired-looking or out of condition skin. But there is no getting away from the fact that they can be a faff. As well as slipping and sliding, they can even fall off during the 10 to 20 minute treatments. Who wants to put something that’s been on the floor back on their face? Not me!

You don’t have to succumb to a wet sheet to revitalise and moisturise your face.

Here are my top 5 alternatives:

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1. Wash-Off Clay Face Mask

Clay face masks have gone through a bit of a revolution in recent times. Once confined to mud and pore refining treatments, they now boast an impressive range of options including the ever-popular pink clay mask.

I love this Glow Mask from L’Oreal. It is exfoliating as well as brightening and is just one of the options in the brand’s clay face mask range. Others include the popular detoxifying charcoal mask.

2. Sugar Scrubs

Sugar scrubs exfoliate and purify the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and revitalised. There are options for the body as well as the face. Detoxifying trends include scrubs made from coffee and alternative deep sea salt minerals. Personally, my favourite is Lancome’s Rose Sugar Scrub. Using sugar grains and rose water, it is a gentle exfoliator and a perfect treat for any face.

3. Yoghurt Face Masks

Yoghurt proteins can hep to protect the surface of the skin by locking in moisture. They are calming and soothing, and often boast prebiotic properties. Suitable for vegans, this kit from ClaRose includes its best-selling yoghurt mask.

4. Peel Off 24k Gold Face Mask

Ideal as part of an anti-ageing skin care routine, this type of peel-off mask moisturises and brightens the skin while smoothing its surface and minimising the appearance of pores. It can help in the removal of blackheads as well as deep-down impurities. This masks comes with an applicator.

5. Light Therapy Mask

I’ve written a feature on the benefits of using the photon light therapy mask to treat the signs of ageing. You can read the full article here – Trip The Light Fantastic With LED Skin Therapy – Regime Skin Care No mess, they have come down in price as the technology has taken off. This mask is inexpensive, under £30 at the time of writing, and not as claustrophobic as many alternatives.

Whatever you want to achieve with a skin treatment, you will never be short of options. The beauty industry is changing all the time, influenced not just by fads but science and improving ingredients.

What’s your favourite type of face mask?

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Homemade Face Mask Recipe

From reader Empress2222 (shared with us via Twitter)

  • One cup of oats
  • A quarter cup of honey
  • A cup of natural yoghurt
  • Half a cup of hot water
  • A dash of sparkling bottled water.

Mix everything in together until you have a paste. Put on face and leave for 15 minutes. Remove with a damp cloth or warm water.

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