3 Easy Solutions For Stress And Age-Related Hair Loss

3 Easy Solutions For Stress And Age-Related Hair Loss

Finding easy solutions for age-related hair loss can be hard as well as frustrating. Hair is our crowning glory, defining us as individuals and often hiding a multitude of sins. Discovering that it is thinning, particularly on the top, can be emotionally distressing. It is embarrassing to the point it can lead to clinical depression. 

When my hair first started to thin, I assumed it was through lack of care or from stress. It was almost waist-length and ash blonde. Bleached, of course. It was suggested I could overcome its sudden tattiness with a good cut. The only problem was, the area most affected was my fringe and the parting just above it. I already had long layers and could not fathom how a simple cut could possibly help. At one point, I considered buying ‘spray on’ faux hair to fill in the ever-increasing gaps.

At the time I was in my late 40s and approaching the menopause. It seemed, hair loss was par for the course. I decided to suck it up and wait. As it happens, my hair appeared to rally once I was the other side of The Change. Unfortunately, just when I was feeling good about myself again, I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer and had to almost immediately start a six-month course of chemotherapy. Three weeks later, I was completely bald. In fact, a year later, my hair has only grown an inch!

Dealing With Hair Loss

A lot of people will tell you that hair loss is a situation you can take control of. ‘Braving the shave’ springs to mind. When it came to my own hair loss, I had to face it in stages. I’ve always relied on my hair. The fringe covered my forehead, which I hate because I think it is excessively big, and the long length made me feel feminine. It was ‘my style’. Who I was. Plus, I found straightening my hair and giving it a glossy finish made me look younger.

Before starting chemo, my sister suggested going to a hairdresser and having a new, shorter style. I couldn’t see the point. ‘It’s all going to drop out. It’ll be a waste of money.’

Instead, I cut it myself! I walked into the chemo unit for my first treatment with shoulder-length hair. A week later, another inch came off. Two weeks after that, I was only trimming off peach fuzz. Looking at myself in the mirror made me cry. And not just because I was bald. Having no hair made me look sick – something I did not want to be reminded of. 

In a bid to ‘take control’ of the situation, I went online and ordered half a dozen chemo hats. I wish I hadn’t. I’ve worn them just once or twice. They scream Cancer! Instead, I ended up investing in inexpensive but really effective wigs and ‘normal’ hats. Some of my friends, suffering age-related hair loss, have been so impressed with the results, they have privately messaged me asking for tips and product recommendations. 

There are 3 simple ways to deal with hair loss:

  • Hair thickening products
  • Wigs
  • Hats
hair loss
Me – wearing dark and blonde wigs and without a wig

Top Hair Thickening and Growth Products

Hair thickening and volume products can help in the short-term. However, there are serums available which promote hair growth. For a long-term solution, they can repair damaged follicles and stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, providing a root-to-tip answer to thinning hair. These shampoo-in products are not expensive. Alternatives include fibre-building hairsprays.

Take a look at these no-fuss solutions. Click on an image for full product details and reviews.

This product has more than 8,000 reviews and tackles not just hair loss but the condition of your hair. It retails at £14.99 but is currently on offer for £12.99.
This product from EssyNaturals works by improving the condition of weak hair, thickening it and making it stronger at the same time. The product retails at £19.99 and has in excess of 5,000 reviews.
Pantene has recognised the need for hair thickening treatments with this range. Active ingredients include Biotin, Bamboo and Caffeine. This complete treatment kit is currently on offer for £19.997.

Best Wigs for Women

Here are my top wig picks. If anyone would like to see images of me wearing the wigs I have bought, please get in touch. You honestly would not know it isn’t my real hair. The beauty with a wig, of course, is that you can reinvent yourself and create an instant new look. When I first purchased a wig, I went for one that resembled how my hair looked before it all fell out. By then, of course, everyone knew it had fallen out. Hence, I got a bit creative.

Don’t forget, you can wear hair bands, clips, bows and style your wig. Click on an image for full product details and reviews.

Brown bob, 12 inches in length – £20.99
Hombre wig with pink/purple hues. Suitable for every-day use. Good customer images to get a feel for what it looks like in real life. Easy to fit with breathable hair net – £19.99
I’ve got this wig! It is a natural-looking black with brown, 15 inches long – £15.99
Brown wig with natural-looking waves. Hombre-effect – £21.99
Sleek, straight bob with highlights – £17.99
Hombre black and silver long wig with natural-looking curls – £14.99
Popular blonde/brown hombre long hair with bangs – £21.99
Straight blonde wig with dark roots – £18.90

More wig ideas

Cover Up Hair Loss with A Hat

Hats are fun, inexpensive and something you can literally have an on-off relationship with! Take a look at these ideas. Click on an image for full product details and reviews.

On trend floral bucket hat with contrast detailing – £13.98
Adjustable summer hat – £7.99
The iconic slouch hat. Minimalistic and fashionable. £26.18
Popular reversible hat with button detail – £9.99

More hat ideas

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*All prices correct at the time of publishing.

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Mighty Hydration Boost kit from Simple – under £8.50
Complete anti-ageing skin care regime from Simple. Cleanser, night cream and day cream.

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